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Window & Screen


  • Home Window Repair and Replacement

  • Cracked Windows

  • Leaking Window

  • Energy Efficient Thermal Units- save money on your utility bills

  • Solar Screens

  • Tempered Safety Glass

  • House Windows

  • Commercial Building Windows

  • Patio Glass

  • Update the appearance of your house or building


Seeing condensation in your windows?

Does haze or moisture ruin the appearance of your insulated windows? Insulated windows consist of two pieces of glass separated by a factory sealed air space. The seal is designed with a drying agent to absorb moisture which may accumulate between the two pieces of glass. Occasionally, however, the seal will fail and allow moisture to be pulled into the airspace.

When the drying agent becomes saturated, moisture forms between the glass panels. Over time, drying moisture leaves mineral deposits which appear white or "hazy.

When you see condensation build up, it is definitely time to have your insulated windows replaced. Your insulated glass keeps out cold and heat at appropriate times, but not if the seal is broken.

Quality Workmanship

Lakeside Glass & Mirror proudly stands behind our workmanship. Our meticulous attention to detail is the difference between average and excellent workmanship. We firmly believe that customer satisfaction is the key to any successful business and can be achieved by combining quality workmanship, knowledge and experience.

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