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Mirror & Glass


We offer a variety of mirror options:


  • Vanity Mirrors / Mirror Walls

  • Mirrors Installed in your Frame

  • Tinted & Antique Mirrors

  • Bevel Strips and Corners

  • Construction Grade Mirrors

  • Custom Pattern Mirrors

  • Mirrors Installed on Doors


Mirror Repair

Do you have a mirror with black-edge? This condition occurs where water and humidity have caused the mirror backing to begin coming loose from the glass. Beveled-mirror strips offer a beautiful and reasonably priced option of covering the bad edges in lieu of replacing the whole mirror. If you need the entire mirror replaced, we can help with that at a very reasonable price too.


Mirrored Walls & Vanities

To add a new dimension of space and light to any room, a custom mirrored wall or vanity is the answer. Let Lakeside Glass & Mirror craftsmen create a special look for you with plain, bevel-framed or beveled mirrors in silver or in tints. We can also help you to create that home gym you have been wanting.


Beveled- Mirror Strips

Beveled-mirror strips offer an elegant finish to any mirror and are available in a range of widths from 2"- 6", in clear mirror or in tints. Your imagination is free to run wild whether you need strips with corners mitered, ends beveled, or corners and joints accented with beveled connectors.

Need Glass for Your House or Office?

  • Desks

  • End Tables & Coffee Tables  

  • Counter Tops

  • Dressers & Night Stands

  • Patio Tables

  • Cabinet Door Glass

  • Custom Tops: patterns or square, we can do them

  • Decorative Glass, Antique, Tinted, Beveled, and more!


With a large variety of glass you can change the look of any room with cabinet glass or table tops. Our in-house glaziers can custom cut squares, rectangles, ovals, circles or any other custom shaped glass table top. Shield your furniture pieces with a custom fabricated table top glass cover. We offer a variety of glass thickness, color and textures a long with different edge work to spruce up and protect your furniture. Speak with one of our sales associates about the standard thickness for your specific application.

Quality Workmanship

Lakeside Glass & Mirror proudly stands behind our workmanship. Our meticulous attention to detail is the difference between average and excellent workmanship. We firmly believe that customer satisfaction is the key to any successful business and can be achieved by combining quality workmanship, knowledge and experience.

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